Apple CEO Cook Clinton will hold fund-raising activities

Beijing time on July 30 morning news, invitations BuzzFeed obtained show that Apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook) is planning to hold a fundraiser to assist Clinton. The fundraiser will be held on August 24, but Cook will be personal, not on behalf of Apple to hold this event.

Earlier this summer, Cook had also come from Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan (Paul Ryan) held a fund-raising activities. This indicates that the Cook intends to support the bipartisan leaders. However, he has not yet expressed any Republican presidential candidate Trump attitude. Earlier this year, Trump called for a boycott of Apple products.

Campaign finance records show that this year, Apple employees to the Republican and Democratic campaign committee have carried out donations, but donations to Democratic candidates received much higher than the Republican Party. Hillary and Bern Sanders (Bernie Sanders) in the election campaign, Apple employees donated a total of $ 150,000. While the Republicans Apple employee contributions up to the Cruze is Ted (Ted Cruz), but only more than 9000 US dollars.

Myopia Gospel: the next Apple iPhone / iPad / Mac can be corrected visual acuity

For the need to wear glasses to see the world friends, have you ever thought that one day, when we are faced with a notebook computer or television screen, they can take off our glasses? Corrected by our display technology vision problems, it sounds a bit weird, and some institutions are really research this technology, if successful, we will see this technology being applied to Apple’s Mac, iPhone and iPad.
According to a description of the University of California, the technology is changing people’s eyes by an algorithm of the image, which is mainly set up in front of a light filter in the display. This technology has changed the light of each individual pixel, which will reach the light filter through a hole in our retinas, and then re-create a clear picture for us. The researchers said the technology will allow us to see through the adjustment of the “right of the screen.”
Although this technique is more for 3D graphics demonstrate the above, but we corrected visual aberrations may be a promising new direction, which will make many people will benefit. According to the report of the university, said they first step is to change the resolution and contrast of the display industry to promote the progress of these two design criteria in the past decade. They envision the future of the display system is an integrated system with flexible optical configuration, and then combined with complex calculations, allows users to use different modes, such as 2D, 3D, or naked eye vision correction image display and so on.

But the researchers also noted that in recent years, we do not expect this appears on the display, because the technology is still facing considerable challenges. For example, this technology depends on a person’s focal length, the researchers can only use a test of eye movement tracking software to track your eyes do the corresponding image adjustment and review. We all know the focal length of the eye of each person is different, so the technology needs to be able to deal with different groups of people viewing conditions.

There has been news that the iPhone will be equipped with the naked eye 3D screen, but such rumors have been passed several years, but is still just rumors. Now, researchers have to paint a bigger picture of the future – one day when you are facing when Mac or iPhone and iPad screen can be off his glasses, the screen will be adjusted according to your vision, gives us a clear picture, I can not help reminiscent of the classic phrase goes, life-changing technology.

Microsoft Smartphone is still not free “was accused of” fate

After several rounds of cuts after contraction, Microsoft Smartphone still not get rid of “being accused of” fate.

Last July, Microsoft had expected mid-2018 Windows10 operating system will be installed in 10 million devices. One year later, Microsoft recently announced, is expected to achieve this goal to extend time, drag the Microsoft Smartphone. In this regard, a number of industry sources said, the market has been marginalized Microsoft Smartphone is difficult to stir up Windows10 installed capacity “beam.”

More worrying is that, based on the difficulty of system innovation, user’s willingness to upgrade the entire post-PC era, etc., Windows10 or subsequent installed capacity is still facing challenges. For the transformation of Microsoft, to create a mobile end Windows ecosystem is far more valuable for making a mobile end device.

Phone become a “burden”

Windows10 initial installed capacity is expected to be traced back to 2015 Build Developers Conference.

Microsoft Windows and facilities manager Terry Melson said at the meeting, with its variety of devices, multi-pronged approach in the mid-2018 can achieve 10 million units installed capacity target.

However, a year later, Microsoft will be less than expected installed capacity reasons pointing to Microsoft’s smart phone business. In this regard, a number of IT industry insiders have said the mobile terminal and PC terminal on the promotion Windows10 installed capacity play a decisive role. In the overall PC market is shrinking the occasion, the mobile terminal is particularly important. But Microsoft’s smart phone business market weakness on Windows10 installed capacity boost natural weakness. Whether it is market research data organization, or Microsoft’s financial data show Microsoft’s smartphone market awkward position. According to the survey report Statista show that in 2015 Android and iOS accounted for 97.5% of the mobile market share, while Windows Phone market share of about 2.5%.

“The result is equivalent to the market test failed Microsoft’s smart phone business.” Zeng Tao communications industry analysts admitted, accounting for more than 10% market share of the smartphone market have a certain voice, or face the risk of being marginalized .

In fact, Microsoft and Nokia to establish a strategic partnership in 2011 to 2013, Microsoft’s price of about $ 7.2 billion acquisition of Nokia’s devices and services division and then to build up their own Lumia smart phones, smart phones, Microsoft always would like to take this “weapon” in the mobile terminal equipment market to lose ground. Guessed, followed by layoffs phone business, writedowns and sold.

In 2014, Microsoft laid off Nokia’s devices and services division about 1.25 million; in 2015, Microsoft laid off 7,800 people and mobile business $ 7.6 billion write-down of assets; in 2016, Microsoft plans to cut 1,850 mobile phone business and write-downs 950 000 000 dollar assets; in May this year, Microsoft announced a $ 350 million simply to Nokia’s feature phone-related business to sell Foxconn subsidiary of Finnish companies and Kang Fu Chi HMD.

In addition to the contraction experienced uninterrupted cuts, the financial performance of the mobile phone business is poor.

Reported year ended June 30, Microsoft’s mobile phone business still continued downward trend, revenue fell 71%. “Mobile truly become a burden.” IT independent commentators Yongjie said Microsoft is pushing Lumia950, Lumia950 XL and other several new machines, but also on mobile end devices Microsoft struggling weak performance.

Breakout pressure system

Although Windows10 installed capacity to be delayed, but have to say, Windows10 system to meet the user’s habits and down a great deal of effort.

Windows8 system prior to the introduction of a large number of tablet-touch control mode, causing the PC keyboard and mouse are accustomed to the old users do not adapt. This degree is considered hasty hand, Microsoft ignored the performance of the user experience.

The Windows10 system was released, Microsoft will be the user made a compromise: power given dual interface, you can select the mouse menu or screen operations icon.

In addition, Windows10 system also brings many new features and innovative features of previous Windows systems do not have. Such as adding Cortana intelligent assistant, Edge browser, Xbox series and games, multi-task management, WindowsHello biometrics, Continuum models and cross-terminal WindowsStore and built-in weather such as Outlook e-mail and other applications.

In addition to improved product experience than on the promotion of Windows10, Microsoft has also been subverted. Since the launch of the Windows system, Microsoft’s core business model is legitimate software licensing fees charged. And in the promotion of Windows10 system, Microsoft is willing to play a free upgrade to “flesh” tricks. Windows7, Windows8, Windows8.1 and other versions can upgrade Windows10, Windowsinsider members free upgrade Windows10 official version.

“Microsoft operating system that sacrifices a ‘cash cow’ brings great benefits, only to promote the goods and services innovation.” Microsoft China Co., Ltd. public relations staff said that for Microsoft, it is not easy to take that step thing.

However, the mobile Internet era nowadays is a function of excess era. “More innovation is just icing on the cake of incremental innovation, the user would like to touch the pain points more and more difficult.” Tao had said that subversive innovation in order to impress the user.

Indeed, compared to the first use of graphic images Windows1.0 interface, so the operating system for the first time for ordinary users; Windows95 innovative way to add a lot of gadgets and support of the Internet to make the Internet the first time into public life; WindowsXP SP2 patch Release so that the operating system for the first time into the Chinese family, “Windows10 operating system is difficult to reproduce before shocking experience.” Zeng Tao said that along with the wave of propulsion PC, Windows system maturity. Today, the space for innovation in decline, let alone subversive innovation.

At the same time, Windows10 can get rapid promotion also depends whether the user wishes to upgrade urgent and intense.

In general, based on people’s habits, PC upgrade and more with the “unforced”, which also makes the new system to replace the old system, there are some obstacles.

Windows only within the family, “Big Brother” Windows XP still holds the market place, you know Win10 Breakthrough destined not easy.

According to Net Applications data show that in May this year compared to market share of 10.09%, WindowsXP6月份全球市场份额下滑至 9.78%, which is 15 years WindowsXP market share for the first time below 10%. WindowsXP pace of decline can be described as slow.

In China, stick to Windows XP camp too far. 2015 annual data released by StatCounter, WindowsXP in the country accounted for about 20% market share, and Windows10 market share of only 5.22%, while the momentum is still bullish, but the base is really small.

“Many Chinese users feel it is sufficient to use Windows XP, not just to replace the system; on the other hand, many government and enterprise customers after the upgrade Windows10, actually need to pay.” Xiang Ligang communications observers said that aside Windows10 itself the quality aside, many users update the system’s power is difficult to guarantee.

Nowadays, most people in the industry worry that, Windows10 free upgrade program will expire. By then, becomes free from charge, Windows10 installed capacity may face a slowdown.

Mobile terminal does not change ambitions

Microsoft Smartphone are not many industry insiders believe Microsoft to bring substantial help. Microsoft recently announced the closure of research and development center in Tampere, Finland, and up to layoffs in the country after 1350, it will go in the end has become the focus of attention.

In response, Microsoft said will continue to support and update Lumia phone and OEM partners, and the development of new devices. “We will continue to run Windows 10 operating system on small screen devices, including Lumia650, Lumia950, Lumia950 XL, as well as phones from Acer, Alcatel, Hewlett-Packard, Trinity and VAIO and other OEM manufacturers.”

“This is the end of Microsoft’s move to seek ecologically most powerful evidence.” Zeng Tao said the company Sike core purpose is to build a mobile terminal moving end Windows ecosystem.

Over the years, Windows platform and its various applications relying on it has been Microsoft’s core strengths. Microsoft Authorized With charging mode, the PC era earned bowl full of pots of surplus. But it is also a direct result of the lack of Microsoft Internet thinking behind the move and end.

However, Windows10 operating system comes out, Microsoft Windows10 will not hesitate to declare compatible with Apple iOS and Google Android applications.

In short, whether it is running iOS and Android mobile phone applications, Microsoft’s own Lumia phone, or OEM partner phone, you can use Microsoft’s Windows10 operating system and its applications.

This has never been an open low profile, all showing the end of Microsoft’s strong mobile ambitions. This is CEO Satir · Nadella since he took office, led by Microsoft’s “mobile first, cloud first”, to change the identity of the service provider to be all about.
An industry source said, Microsoft now increasingly do not care who owns the mobile terminal device in the end, actually coveted mobile end Windows ecosystem. And by moving the end of the Windows ecosystem, Microsoft has occupied iOS and Android can use the phone. “Do not do their own phone is no longer important, the most important is that each person occupying the phone.” Zeng Tao pointed out that, on the mobile end device frustrated Microsoft, in fact, a great chess in the next plate.

However, Microsoft’s Windows ecosystem has been a disadvantage in competing with iOS and Android ecosystems. Reducing the user’s Windows ecosystem, leading to a growing number of application developers and handset manufacturers to switch to other mobile platforms iOS and Android.

As a user of Microsoft Lumia series phones Xiang Ligang frankly, Lumia mobile terminal equipped with microblogging, letters and other application software is still stuck in the huge base version, the user experience with iOS and Android difference.

“Right now, the most important thing is to enhance their own mobile client platform application experience.” Zeng Tao also said that if you do not improve the user experience of mobile terminals, limited users might be lost, Microsoft is moving around the end of the ambitious can only vanish into thin air .

Media commentary C Luo was elected player of the season in the Champions League

The just-concluded season, C Lo has won a sort of awards: the well-known football media “goal network” which named the best player in the Champions League 2015-16 season. The award for this year’s Golden Globe C Lo competition off to a good start.

“Goal network” disclosed, according to fan voting, C Lo in the Champions League this season the best player award to great advantage to win.

Champions League last season, C Ronaldo scored 16 goals, although the distribution of controversial goal, but his contribution to the team is not suspected. In the Champions League final, C – although he did not score, but the first five appearances for Real Madrid he scored a crucial penalty kick, helping the team to get the Champions League trophy. The penalty for the wonderful performance last season, C Lo draw a perfect full stop.

Statistics show that, C Luo won 60.8% of the votes of fans, ranking first. Atletico Madrid is ranked second in the Gelieziman, he received 16.6 percent of the vote. France winger outstanding performance this season, Atletico Madrid, when Barcelona and Bayern Munich have made such a powerful enemy is too important goal.

The third is that Ramos, obtained 9.5 percent of the vote. Ramos Real Madrid is the mainstay of the defense, but also in the Champions League final for Real Madrid opened the scoring. In fourth Casemiro, Brazilian midfielder won 5.1 percent of the vote, the simple style is considered a key player in the formation of Real Madrid to maintain a balance, Zidane’s team recovery pusher.

Godin Atletico fans also received recognition, he won 4.5 percent of the vote. Next is to get another 3.5 percent of the vote Bayern Munich striker Lewandowski. It is worth mentioning that Messi had not even been included in the “goal network” in the Champions League Best Player Award.

Real Madrid 6-4 Atletico Madrid won the 11 wins crown

At 2:45 on May 29 (Italian local time at 20:45 on the 28th), the 61st Champions Cup is the 24th Champions League final in Milan San Siro stadium started, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid in the battle over 120 minutes to 1 ratio 1 draw, penalty shootout win 5 to 3, a record 11th win, Atletico Madrid became the first frontline 3rd Cup final lost all teams. Bell opened the scoring assists Ramos. The second half started, Torres won the penalty kick but Gelieziman frieze bounce. Substituted Carrasco equalizer. Penalty shootout, Juanfran hit the column, C Ronaldo fired the winning penalty.
Madrid duo three years, the second race of the European crown. Real Madrid last time with a team in the Champions League final again, going back to 1959 (Lance). In 1981 after 1-0 loss to Liverpool, Real Madrid won all four finals. World War 14 games at the San Siro without victory (four draws and 10 losses). Zidane is expected to become the identity of a player and coach to win the Champions League in the seventh, his first no accident. Guevara thigh injury, Ramos and Pepe halfback partner, C-minor injuries recover in time, he had played four games in the Champions League at the San Siro, he failed to score. Real Madrid debut average age of 28 years 175 days, this is the team in 2006 after Lyon oldest Champions League debut.
Simone and strive to become the first Champions League aspirations Argentina coach. Savage pressure over the defender Jose – Jimenez starting in his starting side by side with Godin’s 14 games, Atletico unbeaten (10 wins, four draws). Mubarak became Kataneici goalkeeper Aube (1992 negative) and Zahovi (negative at the San Siro in 2001), the first three in the Champions League final of Slovenian players. Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid clash had 263 official games, only 2 games at neutral venues. In addition to the 2014 Champions League final to Real Madrid Lisbon 4 plus 1 victory, and in 1959 Real Madrid wins 2-1 at Zaragoza. The two sides a total of 11 people are starting the final two years ago (Real Madrid 6; Atletico 5).
San Siro hosted the 4th Champions League final, only less than Wembley (7) and Brussels Bo Duane King Stadium (Hai Seer Stadium). Before holding a brief performance in the tenor Andrea Bocelli singing, the two Milan teams player exploits Baresi and escort Zanetti Champions League play. The opening five minutes, pass near the right-hand corner flag Saul area, kk door before the dot pitch 11 meters not marked strength, the ball near the corner Navas confiscated. Then Gabi tipped outer Bell, Bell restricted the right corner kick crossing the road, Benzema was denied O’Brien Mubarak left foot 4 meters in front of left foot half volley Dian.
Carvajal uprooting Gelieziman, England referee Kela Teng Boge Liang a first yellow card. Real Madrid lead the first 15 minutes! Juanfran fouls Bell, Cross free kick on the left crossing the ball, turn around and headed Bell before the point rub, offside Ramos ahead of O’Brien Mubarak, 3 meters in front of left foot fire network, 1-0 [click for video], since 2014, this is his first Champions League goal grain, also became the first to score in two Champions League finals in the Spanish guard.
Intermission, Simone replaced by Augusto Carrasco. The second half started 50 seconds Gelieziman right rib crossing the ball closed, Pepe Torres to turn around and the ball was knocked down, Clattenburg whistled for a penalty! Navas protested, was booked. Under Gelieziman kick left foot hit the crossbar along bounced back inside [Click for video]! This is the Champions League final in the history of the 11th missed a penalty, but also for the first time hit the crossbar after 10 missed are saved by the goalkeeper. After Gelieziman also present the 2012 Mitchell Roman, the first missed penalty in the Champions League final players (excluding penalty warfare). 4 times this season Gelieziman penalty kick twice missed all face Navas. Following the semi-final second leg Torres penalty was saved by Neuer, two consecutive Champions League Atletico Madrid missed a penalty. Real Madrid after the Champions League final only once sentenced to a penalty, 1962. Eusebio fired.
Carvajal limped injured, Danilo bench, tears pitch when Carvajal end [Click for video]. Atletico left corner, nodding the ball ferry after Godin, Gelieziman volley hook to the left, Savage 6 meters in front of the Tui volley wide of the left goal post. Bell peripheral low shot wide. The first 59 minutes, Carrasco put a cross in, Saul 10 meters in front of left foot volley hook Shepian the right post [Click for video]!

Grabbing kicked Ramos Torres was booked, this time he touches the ball only 22 times, while the other outfield player to touch the ball at least 42 times. Real Madrid first 70 minutes almost to expand the advantage, Modric accurate counter anti-ball, Benzema is unable to single-handedly broke the restricted area, Tui was closed out Aube Mubarak attack [Click for video] in front of 12 meters!

Zidane has replaced Cross and Benzema, Isco and Lucas – Vasquez played, Real Madrid run out of substitutions. C Luo frontier closed area low shot was confiscated O’Brien Mubarak. Then in the left cut into the restricted area Bell extraordinary row, C-up shot of fancy Aube Mubarak closed out, Lucas – Vasquez hit bared blank range, Bell go past the right side of the attack fell to the ground fighting the Austrian Braque small angle Tuishe goal line before Savage destruction!
Atletico 79 minutes to tie the game! Gabi cross, Juanfran right side of the restricted area volley swept the front door after the dot pitch Carrasco 4 meters shovel network, the 1 1 [Click for video]! Carrasco end goal drought of 11 games, becoming the first Champions League final goals Belgian player, also in 2006 after Belletti (Barcelona against Arsenal), the first regular game time scoring off the bench. Juanfran became the first session of the Champions League final 2 assists guard. Carrasco Ramos uprooting, was booked, Gabi express their dissatisfaction, also booked.
Both sides 90 minutes not to compete, only into overtime. Real Madrid last four World War only one win in overtime (2 years final against Atletico Madrid), Atletico nearly 5 times World War overtime only 1 negative (also finals two years ago). Prior to the Champions League final in overtime play seven times, and only in 2014 did not enter the penalty shootout. Isco left corner, C Luo before nodding the ball touch the other players, is to give O’Brien Mubarak.
Atletico dominated physical, Real Madrid can only passive defense, hit back the first 101 minutes, C Luo extraordinary into the restricted area pass in the left, Isco heel back to do, Bell left edge of the area Tui was denied, he was clutching left leg and fell to the ground, unable to fight another day because of cramps, but Real Madrid has no substitutions, Bell can only stay on the floor.
Both sides Easy side battles. Lucas – Felipe Hernandez replaced. Pepe Gabi stumble, booked [Click for video]. Kk also cramps, Paer Tai bench. C Luo any ball in the human wall. Marcelo left low pass, Lucas – Vazquez Tui point was blocked.

120 minutes is still a draw to enter the cruel penalty shootout. The first one, Lucas – Vasquez advancing the lower right corner, the lower left corner promote Gelieziman left, 1 to 1; the first two, Marcelo left foot into the lower right corner, Gabi fool Navas , into the middle left, 2 to 2; the first three, Bell played several cramps, changes in the use of rhythm to promote lower-right corner, O’Brien Mubarak failed to make a move to promote the lower left corner of Saul left foot, 3 to 3 . Chapter 4, Ramos advancing the lower right corner, O’Brien Mubarak flapping in the wrong direction, Juanfran Tui hit the bottom left column! 4 to 3. Chapter 5, C-cool advancing the lower right corner, 5 to 3 [Click for video]! He took off his shirt to celebrate the passion.
Real Madrid (4-3-3): 1 – Navas / 15- Carvajal (52’23- Danilo), 3-Pepe, 4 Ramos (captain), 12-Marcelo / 19- Modric, 14 Casemiro, 8 Cross (72’22- Isco) / 11- Bell, 9 Benzema (77’18- Lucas – Vasquez), 7-C Lo (not substitute appearances: 13 Casilla, 6- Nacho, 10 to James – Rodriguez, 20 Hersey)

Atletico Madrid (4-4-2): 13-Aube La / 20- Juanfran, 15 Savage, 2 Godin, 3- Felipe (109’19- Lucas – El Nan Desi) / 17- Saul, 14 Gabi (captain), 12-Augusto (46’21- Carrasco), 6 kk (116’22- Thomas – Paer Tai) / 9- Torres, 7 Gelieziman (not substitute appearances: 1 – Moya, 5 Tiago, 16 Angel – Correa, 24 Jose – Jimenez)

Dream first appearance after beating incident

July 13, according to “East Bay Times” reported that, since the Braves All-Star power forward Bradley Hammond – after beating Green was arrested because he first accepted the media interview. Although reluctant to talk too much about it, but Green says he will learn from this incident.

Today, Green attended a conference in Colorado. Speaking in Michigan because of beatings and arrests by the police of the incident, Green said: “I think in the future when things happen, you have to face my legal team are dealing with this matter, I believe will soon be resolved. as a public figure, I can not put myself in a certain situation. I will draw lessons from this incident and move on. ”

According to reports, local time on Sunday nearly 3:00 in the morning, within a Green Michigan insulted him in a bar who slapped. It is reported that the batter who was Michigan State’s an athlete.

After his arrest, Green spent $ 200 to be released, and batters and was not injured.

Green’s lawyer said in an interview made it clear that: “Bradley Richmond is completely innocent.”

For this, the Warriors issued a brief statement, and team general manager Myers yesterday to accept an interview with NBA TV also did not mention Green beating incident. At present the parties are waiting for further confirmation.

After Tesla unmanned lethal accidents can trust it

Accident will happen. And there will certainly be a man someday unfortunately become the first driverless cars deceased.

In May this year at 15 o’clock on the 7th, driving a Tesla Model Brown (Joshua Brown) 3 opens the autopilot system (Autopilot), but in the unmanned mode, unfortunately collided with a truck trailer, died on the spot due to severe impact .

The autopilot system uses sensors and camera technology to detect the road ahead may be an obstacle. However, in this accident, this system did not see the truck in front of Brown’s car left, therefore, did not brake in time, lead to Tesla directly go under the truck to continue sliding until crashed through two barriers, elevated south coast to come to a stop.

Currently, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is to 25,000 Tesla Model S investigation. If Tesla autopilot system is ruled indeed flawed, it will lead to large-scale recall. This tech geek Musk and Tesla is undoubtedly a heavy blow, will give just the rise of unmanned technology overshadowed.

However, this accident and failure if it means that we should not trust driverless car?

Accident: 130 million miles to 940 billion miles

Data show that in the United States every day there are about 90 people died in a car accident, they naturally by the human autonomous driving case. According to the US National mortality data report released in February 2016 (National Vital Statistics Report), human death in a car accident in 2013 the United States 3.38 million people.

Tesla said in a statement also said it was Autopilot driver assistance systems with 130 million miles encountered during the first fatal accident, and the United States occur every 94 million miles a fatal car accident.

There is no doubt that the autopilot system is not perfect, it may never be perfect. But most experts agree that it has a far more secure than human autonomous driving potential.

Autopilot system technology has been proven to save lives. The most significant point is that safety regulators and the major car manufacturers have agreed to install automatic car brake technology should be standard on all new vehicles. The automatic braking technology means that, when the vehicle automatically detects obstacles in front of the brake will be activated in order to prevent the driver failed to timely response.

The automatic braking technology to avoid those dangerous accident, thereby saving tens of thousands die each year from car accidents of life. But no one played package vote, said that with these techniques will never automatically accident occurred.

How perfect autopilot

About the accident, Tesla explained that the white truck is harder to recognize in the blue sky background, and look from the perspective of Tesla Autopilot, trailer truck side was suspended on the ground, which resulted in very rare circumstances Autopilot System negligence, does not start automatically brakes. While the vehicle collision position Tesla windshield, making the collision safety system can not play a role, which led directly to the death of the driver.

Tesla said in a statement stressed that the driver assistance technology is still evolving, is not perfect, the driver needs to be vigilant. Therefore, in the process using the Autopilot, the car will continue to prompt the driver to put his hands full on the steering wheel of the vehicle is responsible.

At the same time, high-speed road accident Brown is also special. The scene is not set of traffic lights, and the vehicle is allowed to pass through the lanes turn to left. This is equivalent to both city roads and highways dangerous characteristics. For humans this case the driver is also a challenge for design engineers especially self-driving cars.

In fact, today’s car has a lot of good use automatic techniques. When these auto-sensing technology and other technology, it will become a popular unmanned mode. Therefore, automatic technology is not mysterious, the entire unmanned system is not yet fully mature before humans also need the cooperation and vigilance.

For example, many vehicles are now equipped with a lane keeping assist systems, this technology is the use of cameras induction lane on the road, and then the car is connected to the steering mechanism of a miniature electric motor car lead to the middle lane. But if it is difficult to see traces of the lane or no marked lane, this technique is completely useless.

In addition, when combined with the so-called “active cruise control”, automotive systems you can use the camera, radar and other sensors to detect vehicles in front of the road, and the vehicle ahead and always keep a safe distance. In theory, this system allows motorists traveling the highway without the throttle do not have brakes.

Daimler’s Mercedes and Nissan luxury brand Infiniti and BMW and so many brands, have provided the above system for today’s cars. But the key is that all of these systems, the driver must always keep both hands on the steering wheel. If the driver’s hands off the steering wheel, the vehicle after a few seconds you will be prompted again to seize the steering wheel, or the system will automatically exit, forcing the driver customize the driving.

The system has been developed quite mature, on the highway, and even not-so-smooth road was well used.

However, these systems are temporarily unable to meet the driving needs of urban road traffic or on more complex. Therefore, many car manufacturers and technology companies are also trying to achieve self-driving cars running in the city.

Advances in technology will not stop because of failure. BMW showed the lead in the recent schedule, it said it would clear for the full implementation of urban transport autonomous vehicles in 2021. The mission will work with Intel chips and Israeli enterprises in the field of computer vision and machine learning technology company Mobileye quite components together to complete.

Microsoft will launch Surface desktop: iMac compete with Apple

According to DigiTimes reports, informed sources, Microsoft is designing a living room Surface PC machine. The message is then obtained a technology site Windows Central confirmed.
The new system may use Intel’s next generation processor Kaby Lake. Intel has Kaby Lake did not disclose too much news, but online exposure of the slide show, the product will be released in the third quarter of 2016, but may be postponed until 2017. Surface PC machine and Surface Pro and Surface Book will be affected, after the two products are waiting for the release of Kaby Lake.

It is still unable to understand the specific circumstances of this Surface PC, but is expected to be targeting high-end market. Surface and other different products, Dell, Lenovo, HP, Apple and other companies have to enter the machine market. Surface (specifically, SUrface Pro 3) defines a new combo mix this market, while the Surface Book is equipped with a split screen and GPU base, but also adds a unique pattern of opening and closing. However, if the Surface PC machine not to develop a new product line, but to imitate the design of the existing OEM manufacturers, manufacturers may lead to greater dissatisfaction.

If you really want to develop Microsoft Surface PC one machine, the brand will be the completion of a cycle. The first generation of Surface equipment is actually shaped like a coffee table in one machine. Later, Surface brand began to expand the field of portable devices, but also increased the wall-mounted Surface Hub meetings and whiteboard system last year. Another rumor that Microsoft will launch Surface branded phones.

Cameron second referendum may exclude Britain

Cameron ruled out the possibility of Britain second referendum

On Monday, British Prime Minister David Cameron after the publication of exit from the euro referendum, the first parliamentary statement, Cameron reiterated that while he personally still think that the European Union would be better to stay in Britain, but the British referendum on the EU to produce a decisive result, the Cabinet discussed the focus is Learn how to assume responsibility for it. He ruled out the UK will be on the retreat in Europe, leaving Europe for a second referendum possible.

Biography Intel is considering selling McAfee

June 27 morning news, according to the “Financial Times” reported, Intel is considering selling network security business – the company six years ago to spend $ 7.7 billion to get this business.

“Financial Times” said that the company has with the investment bank on the future of Intel Security launched a communication, including the sale of this formerly McAfee anti-virus software developers.

Intel declined to comment.

With the shrinking PC market, Intel is the development focus to high-growth areas, including data center and networking equipment chips.